Custom Screen Frame Design

Today’s sound-intensive movie experiences begin behind the screen. The design, structure, speaker place- ment and safety of the front end have never been more critical. And no one understands that better than the team at Soundfold. Since the arrival of the modern multi-plex, we’ve engineered site-specific frame structures, built baffles, and installed screens. We’re experienced and exacting, so you get the best sound and picture detail possible.

Expert in all screen technologies—flat or curved (radiused & non Radiused Tilts -5 to =5 degrees); white, gain and silver screens—we’ve installed them in thousands of theatres. We ensure the geometrical accuracy of your projection surface and support structure. We even convert old-style frames. Soundfold is an authorized dealer for both MDI® and HarknessTM 2D and 3D Cinema Screens.