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What we do

What we do The industry leader in Theatre interior products. Acoustical pioneers with the patents to prove it, the team at Soundfold continue to evolve with the times.


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Front End Systems

The skill behind the screen

Today’s sound-intensive movie experiences begin behind the screen. The design, structure, speaker placement and safety of the front end have never been more critical. And no one understands that better than the team at Soundfold. Since the arrival of the modern multi-plex, we’ve engineered site-specific frame structures, built baffles, and installed screens. We’re experienced and exacting, so you get the best sound detail possible.

Custom Screen Frame Design

Expert in all screen technologies

Flat or curved; white, gain and silver screens—we’ve installed them in thousands of theatres. We ensure the geometrical accuracy of your projection surface and support structure. We even convert old-style frames. Soundfold is an authorized dealer for both MDI® screen systems and Harkness™ 2D and 3D Cinema Screens.


Soundfold creates the finest environment possible for the investment you’ve made in audio technology. Expect high-quality craftsmanship and perfect placement for your speaker platforms. We also design and install catwalks, ladders, and safety rails of structural steel for maximum safety and ease of maintenance. If your system needs to withstand an earthquake, we’ll make it so.


We also install maskings, both movable and permanent.

These edge treatments have become integral to today’s theatre screens with their changing aspect ratios and horizontal curves. Soundfold Masking Motor: For smooth booth-triggered masking movement, we engineered a better motor. Less complex, adjustable and more durable, there’s a Soundfold masking motor for top movable or side movable masking.


While there’s a lot of math and engineering around baffles, suffice it to say we design and build them according to the specs of your system. In doing so, we provide the right physical structure and perfect placement for dynamic results. The bottom line is optimum quality sound.

Specialty Hardware

Thanks to years of experience at the theatre’s front-end, we have both sourced and developed the specialty hardware that ensures the integrity of our installations. We supply:

  • Screen springs
  • Permanent masking brackets
  • Curved tubing for radius masking

Theatre Acoustics

Custom Acoustical Panels

Endless design, Superior Acoustics

Made-to-order Soundfold fabric-wrapped acoustical panels act as dramatic design elements, as well as sound absorbers and reverb reducers. They add yet another dimension to a memorable cinematic experience.

Exceptional Acoustics

The excellent performance of the Soundfold acoustical panels is the result of our search for the best built, best looking panels on the market today. The surface is splatter-coated with adhesive to leave the surface open for better sound absorption. Edges can be hardened to reinforce panel perimeter. Fastening systems include Velcro, mounting clips, or construction adhesive for permanent or temporary mounts.

Custom Cut Shapes, Clusters and Full Walls

From starbursts to waves to art deco shapes—even specially designed inlays—Soundfold fabric-wrapped panels give your designer room to create. “Endless design” means your designer can start with our basic 4’ or 8’ panels and use most fabrics, of any color, cut into any shape of any of the three panel thicknesses—1”, 1.5” or 2”. Panels can also be combined with Soundfold drapery, as well as sconce lighting accents, for a dramatic effect. Your film audiences enjoy a stylish environment before the lights go down.

Soundfold Drapery

No one does drapery better

Soundfold’s acoustical pleated fabric wall covering system has many imitators but no equal. We pioneered the taut uniform pleated surface that’s both pleasing to the eye and acoustically effective.

Pleating Bracket

Our pleating bracket is the secret to making the whole system work. Easier and safer to use than metal, the patent-pending ABS 30” bracket molded of FR plastic can be attached with the same stapling tool used to install the fabric. 54” fabric pleats to a 36” finished width.

Acoustic Wall Carpet

Recommended for use as wainscot in high traffic areas, our wall carpet is attractive, acoustical and durable. There are many colors to choose from, all fade-proof, easy to clean, Velcro compatible and fuzz-resistant.

Bottom Trim

Essential to the wall system, the bottom trim protects the wall from wear. Our MDF 1”x4” trim with eased edges can be primed and painted to accent or match your wall color.

Speaker Brackets

Heavy-duty, safe and affordable

With the advent of surround sound came the need for wall mounting brackets to complement Soundfold’s wall systems. We wanted a product that was easy to install, safe and practical. Finding none on the market, we made our own.

The Soundfold SB-6 Surround Speaker Mounting Bracket

Level Mount or 15-Degree Tilt, Now One Bracket Does Both

  • Easily Installed at 0° or 15° Tilt
  • Solid and Safe — 55-Pound Load Rating
  • Concealed — Practically Invisible
  • Two-Piece Bracket Allows For Single Person Installations

The Soundfold SB-6HD Heavy Duty Surround Speaker Mounting Bracket

Level Mount or 15-Degree Tilt, Now One Bracket Does Both

  • Easily Installed at 0° or 15° Tilt
  • Solid and Safe — 75-Pound Load Rating
  • Concealed — Practically Invisible
  • Two-Piece Bracket Allows For Single Person Installations

The Soundfold SB-Swivel + Tilt Surround Speaker Mounting Bracket

Level Mount or +/- 15°, 10°, 15° Tilt Options, Approximately 120° of Side to Side Swivel, Telescoping Shaft For Multiple Depth Settings

  • Easily Installed at Multiple Tilt Options
  • Solid and Safe — 55-Pound Load Rating
  • Virtually Unlimited Speaker Aiming Options
  • Two-Piece Bracket Allows For Single Person Installations
  • Telescoping Shaft For Multiple Depth Settings

The Soundfold Suspended Speaker Bracket (SSB) for Ceiling-Mounted Surround Speakers

Level or Variable Cant and Tilt Mounting Scenarios. Four Tie Points for Maximum Safety and Adjustment

  • Low Profile Design, Nearly Invisible Mounting
  • Solid and Safe — Secured to 5 Sides of the Speaker
  • Virtually Unlimited Speaker Aiming Options
  • These SSB Brackets are Custom-Built to Specific Speakers

“The industry leader for over 45 years. The deeply immersive special-effects laden experiences of today require a depth and breadth of knowledge in engineering, manufacturing and acoustics. That’s why we excel in partnership with theatre owners, architects and general contractors. They count on our skill as installers as well as problem solvers and advisors.”

Company History

Soundfold's distinctive pleated walls have been a familiar sight to movie-goers for years. Today, they’re found in thousands of theatres across the United States, in Central and South America, Canada and the Caribbean. But Soundfold first appeared in bowling alleys, beginning in 1967. Based on an ingenious patent filed by D. R. Humble in 1962, the wall covering’s original job was to minimize the excess reverberation caused by balls rolling down lanes to smash bowling pins. Soundfold’s founder, Art Sickels, recognized his product’s ability to solve several problems: it not only controls excess reverberation by clarifying the sound within a room, it hides unfinished walls and mechanicals with an aesthetically-pleasing surface. He grew the business to include schools, churches, computer rooms, dispatch centers and recording studios.

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Today, the Centerville, Ohio-based company continues to give Soundfold customers its best efforts and products while keeping Soundfold affordable for theatre owners, large and small.

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